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The Scottish Corn Trade
Association Limited

The SCTA (the Scottish Corn Trade Association) is a trade association for companies and individuals working within the Grain and Feed Industry.


Originally the association was a regional one, with membership coming solely from businesses based in Scotland however as the areas companies work in have expanded, as has the membership and activities of SCTA. Our membership now covers businesses from the whole of the UK.

Corn Trade Associations were formed towards the latter part of the nineteenth century in all the major receiving Ports to assist members in their business with one another. Not only did it establish uniformity in methods it also served to provide an authority to which members could refer disputes for arbitration.

Today Corn Trade Associations continue to thrive in Hull, Liverpool, Bristol, Norfolk and Ireland.


In 1918 the National Federation of Corn Trade Associations was formed to represent the whole Trade of the U.K. in matters of a national character and in negotiations with the Government and Authorities in foreign countries. The activities of the Federation and the Corn Trade Associations were mainly concerned with Cereals but in 1971 the London Corn Trade Association and the London Cattle Food Association merged to form the Grain and Feed Trade Association Limited, (GAFTA).

GAFTA now presides over the interests of the Grain and Animal Feeding Stuffs' industries in national and international affairs. SCTA organise a range of activities for its members which include, training courses, study tours, speaker events and seminars for its members and also host an ever-popular Annual Dinner. The Scottish Corn Trade also support a Benevolent Fund providing assistance to those who have or had connections with our industry and have fallen on hard times.